5 Postpartum Workout Tips

by Monay Dickens on March 14, 2022  in 5 Workout TipsFitnessNew MomsPostpartumYoga
Postpartum Workout Tips
Getting back into a postpartum fitness routine after giving birth can be a little intimidating. Finding time for yourself is always a challenge between feedings, the sleepless nights, and those perfect newborn cuddles.
If you’re eager to get back into a workout routine post-birth, these postpartum workout tips will help.
5 Postpartum Workout Tips for New Moms
01. Get The All-Clear 
Talk to your doctor before beginning to work out again. Your doctor may give you the green light right away or recommend that you wait a few weeks before you resume exercise.
Even if you feel ready to hit the gym, always listen to your doctor’s advice.
02. Don’t Push It
Forget about the pressure to “bounce back.” Your body has gone through a tremendous experience, and you need time to heal and rest.
Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, focus on doing what you can rather than what you used to do.
03. Always Start Small
Some moms get the itch to hit the gym right away, while others aren’t as motivated - and both are OK.
If you only feel up for a short walk around the block, start there. Any movement is better than no movement at all. As you begin to regain your stamina, you can include more exercises at your own pace.
04. Try Postpartum Yoga
Prenatal yoga is popular during pregnancy, and postpartum yoga is just as helpful. Yoga helps build strength without putting too much stress on the body and encourages breath focus to help quiet the mind.
Plus, you can search for postpartum yoga classes online for an at-home workout if you’re not ready to join a studio.
05. Bring The Baby
Include your baby in your postpartum workout routine. For example, you can walk or jog with the stroller, try mommy & me yoga, or take a with the baby in a carrier.
One Last Thought
Postpartum fitness doesn’t have to be a burden. Use these tips to make exercise fit with your new lifestyle and daily routine.